LBT89 Special Offer

Hi LBT89 table-mates,

Did you enjoy making the campaign for the ideal customer Martha and her dog?

There were quite few steps in that project to get it complete weren’t there? Not to mention you already needed the website and all the social sites for her to opt-in on before we created the campaigns.

Did you feel overwhelmed by it all?

Did it seem to take forever to get just the small part we did complete?

How long will it take you to complete this for your business?

Did you think you can get all the pieces in place in the next 2 weeks?

Wish there was an easier way that didn’t break your piggy bank?

There is now. I can get this done for you and with you in the next 2 weeks.

My team and I will create your complete website built with WordPress (so you can edit it afterwards without paying a fortune to a website guy.) Then we will create several social sites, to include Facebook, twitter, LinkIn, and Pinterest. We will put an offer on them with an opt-in sign up box that will put your contacts in your new database program. Then your contacts will be sent the special report you provide (okay if you don’t have one, we will create one for you for a small additional charge). I am also going to co-create with you (co-create means you are the captain, we will make this with approval from you and lots of input from me along the way) the entire follow up campaigns include the lead magnet, warming leads, previous customer emails, text, videos and optional voice mail broadcasting (voice mail is an extra cost).

$175 for a 2 week trail then your card will be charged $175 each month thereafter. You can cancel at any time.

Now some of you already have a website and social sites, so take off the website and social sites from the above offer and lower the price to $75 for a 2 week trail then your card will be charged $75 each month thereafter. You can cancel at any time.

Look I know that Infusionsoft is on your wish list when you can afford it for many of you. My system will integrate with Infusionsoft anytime in the future when your business becomes so big you need it for the integration with QuickBooks and the affiliate link tracking. Until that time, my system will do the above mentioned tasks and more at a cost that is as low as I can possibly make it, but only for you. I usually charge a $1000 set up fee and a $395 per month for all the services above and it is a great value at that price! Infusionsoft has a $1500 set up fee and for all the above features is $350 per month and it sells at that price.

So click the buy button now before Loral kicks my butt for giving my services away (and you know she will!) This is the time that Loral would not ask you, she would tell you, get your credit card and get this done now!



Option 2 Without a website or social sites


If you don’t click one of the above order buttons, when will you cross this off your to-do list?

You can’t get to the freedom you want and deserve until you have the above systems in place and working for you. If you don’t think your business can pay for these systems, I challenge you to look at your sales funnel and see how it will work without them.

For those of you that think you will get around to doing this yourself, I have 3 questions for you?

  1. When will you have time to do this?
  2. How long will it take you in hours spent to complete this?
  3. What will you not get done while you work on completing these items?

Go click one of the above order buttons now!

Shawn LeBaron

For those of you that want to analyze every detail, call me with any questions (530) 230-4942