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Free business resource colorpicFREE must have resource for your business; Colorpic

Sometimes you need to figure out how to match a color of something on the web or in a picture or photo you have on your computer. I don’t know how you would go about doing that without a program like colorpic. i guess you could try getting it close using one of the color wheels and keep playing with it until you have it. I don’t have that good of an eye, or that much patience. Luckly I found Colorpic. It is a free program you install on your computer that will tell you the color using the codes computers talk in, hex or decimal whichever one you need. Just open it and point at the spot on your computer screen with your mouse. It will display the codes for that exact spot on the screen. Then just plug the numbers into the program or website you need the color for.


Here is the download page:


I like to keep things simple but effective. I have used this program for years as the free version. There is a pro version, but I am more dangerous with more complex tools, so the free version is all I need at this point.


If you use this program in combination with the Free business resource Xheader i talk about in another post, you will find that you can make quick simple headers that match your color scheme pretty easily.



here is that link again: